Sunday, August 27, 2006

Why -o-Why??

It was seven in the morning and i had nothing to do basically . So, thought i should clean my inbox(es). It's been long since i have cleaned it up. It was flooded with spam from IMS , DTDC ,KC , DAIICT webmail, Seshadri , Chaturvedi and some important mails from Alena, Pedrova and Patricia; all from Brazil. In the process came across some interesting mails, about which i had thought of blogging sometime back but somehow managed to completely forget them . I am not very sure whether it is ok to post someone's sincere mail enquiring about something very serious. But i think it's ok as long as i don't reveal their identities. I have received three mails from three different people in the last coupla weeks . I am posting two of them here.

The first one :

Hi Chaitanya,

I was looking into your coverage on Chikun Gunya and also looked into the details. I am interested not in CG but HT. Can you please check with your friend and let me know the name and address of the doctor who did the operation and at the same time

1. Was it succesful
2. How much it costed
3. How much time it took
4. Is this advisable

Please help me with details.

Thank you - ****

The Second One:


Did you ever get a hair transplant? Was it successful? Who was the Doctor? Any info would help buddy…I am looking at getting one done and don't know of any good Docs at a decent price in Mumbai.

Take care


Now stop laughing. This whole confusion emerged because of one of my posts on chicken guniya where i claimed to be a reporter for LPTV and that i was doing research on Hair Transplantation. I didn't know people would take me seriously but some of them have. Atleast the three of them who have written in to me. (I am happy there are three people on this planet who take me seriously .) Now let me clarify. I never had an Hair Transplant and don't intend to have one. All i know about it is that it costs about Rs 25 per follicle. Assume you need to transplant 1000 follicles. An exorbitant amount by any standards.

All the 762 follicles you see on my head are the original ones and have never been messed around . I believe the bald guys will be the hot ones by 2010. Guys will be tonsuring their heads to look sexy, but we will look naturally sexy [:P]. So all you would-be-bald people , stop worrying. We are the nation's next movie stars. Let the hair fall and it will lead us to our glory road.

Conclusion: Hair transplant is an absolute no-no. Dont waste your money on it. Instead pay me for my for my invaluable advice. And most importantly don't write to me on 'HT' again . I know nothing more and i can't help you any further.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No classes, no fun. Life very sedate here. Getting bored to death. So, no inspiration and hence no new posts.