Monday, November 20, 2006

"A bunch of printed papers"

Hi people!! Didn't think i would blog today , one day after i took my CAT exam. Atleast not with such a news in hand. Yes, i screwed it bigtime. "Not one more time" i say to myself. The whole world changes in matter of minutes. It's the time when no words of encouragement will calm you down the only thing that runs through your mind is that you failed when it mattered. Your "super" ranks in the Mocks don't count anymore. You are faced with the harsh reality that you have wait for one more year.No less.I desperately want to take pride in the fact that i put in a sincere effort but somehow there's this overwhelming feeling that i failed .
"A bunch of printed papers does not change who you are" (in bobli's words) but that bunch of papers can make you feel miserable, really miserable. This is the saddest i have felt in years. I want to record this feeling of sadness and that is why i am blogging today. May sound insane but still.

Lines which sound like a joke to me right now:

"This is not the end of the road." -But this is not where i wanted to take that U-turn either.
"Hope is a good thing and good things never die"- Agree.
"There's always next time"- But one year is a bloody long time to take vengeance.

The Line i love now:
(Quantisation of murphy's Law)
"Everthing goes wrong, and goes wrong all at once." [:)]

"Feeling good?, don't worry, you'll get over it."-Priceless

Experienced what "mind-numbing " was and how a sleepless night felt like. All in one day. Eventful day. Wasn't it. Didn't give parents a call. But i'm not alone. Friends have been a great support. Thank you guys.Most of them did well and i am very happy for them. Hope they reach the places they aspired to .Wishing them all the very best..
Update Update : A week has passed and i remind myself:

A test- is only a yardstick- a measurement of how successfully you have learned. You do not pass or faila atest(words like pass and fail represent extremes; they sound as if you are placing your life on the line , as if you are gambling everything ona single throw of a dice).A test, realistically is a metering device, much like one of
the dials on the dashboard of your car.Such dials tell you whether you need to refill your tank ,how many miles you have driven since the lst lube job, etc.In short,the indicators provide information for more efficient driving- they do not access youa s a person.

So, chuck that upper half of the post. [:P]. Will be back with better posts. I promise.