Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The impromptu confessions of an idle mind.

I thought i will confess a few things here apart from the fact that i don't understand what " Nvidia Geforce sakatamba a7v8xmx" means and that i once argued Undertaker had 7 lives with atleast 42 of my friends. 34 of them argued he had only four.

1. I have a feeling the most asked and the least answered question in the history of mankind is : " What's PSR?"

2. As a kid i had this weird fetish for mixer grinders, yes mixer grinders. I particularly liked the juicer cum grinder model which was amongst the most versatile piece of culinary machinery in those days. It goes beyond saying that i once tried making lemon flavoured onion juice.
And i think Preeti mixer-juicer rocks.

3.I hated urine tests. Absolutely detested them. What's worse than your mom taking you the hospital to urinate? Even at the age of 18 . They give you that, what do u call it, bottle or test tube with a sticker on them, to pee in. I always made it a point to read what's on the sticker. I never quite understood. Some clinics even insisted on self-service . You had to walk through the crowded gallery and return the bottle back to the reception all by yourself.

4.I have an inexplicable liking for red sarees. More the peacocks the better.

5.I have a great respect for the practice of allopathic medicine which i regard as a panacea for all ills. I once had seven pills at once with surprisingly little amount of water for what was a "mood off".I find it amusing, a few people i know never take medicines unless they find a clear symptom like a bullet in the head or a missing hand or leg. Seriously amusing.

6.I don't wear my specs to the bathroom, no matter what. Even if what am doing in the loo has nothing to do with my face, chest or my six-pack.

7.I have decided not to spend more than twenty minutes on this post. So time's almost up.

8.I've also decided to post more often.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Laptop or Shelter ??

Hello people !!! Back from Bhubaneshwar after a month long stay there and it wasn't easy home coming i tell you. Like i told you i'll be moving to Bengaluru in a couple of weeks and thought a new notebook was not a bad idea at all.

Mom said "Choose between the notebook and a shelter to live in at Bangalore" with the usual you-are-still-a-kid grin of hers. Little did she know dad from the other corner was signaling " laptop" while drawing a square with his fingers in the air.

I took notice and replied "Notebook it is" smiling superciliously while retreating back towards my good old desktop which was playing The Communards' "Don't leave me this way" .

oh my desktop , am not leaving you my friend. You can still enjoy the warmth and joy of my room . You had so much IN you which took us through our wonder nights in college. Thank you for everything and i must say you were amazing.

So, after having made that tough decision here i am asking you for suggestions on a new notebook. No, price's not an issue . Dad's paying for it after all . And am not looking at the Mac book either unless you can convince me it's worth the buck.

My current favorite is the HP Pavilion tx2000z even though i am not sure about its Indian price. So keep the suggestions pouring.