Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Whoa !!!

Just finished watching "Slumdog Millionaire" by Danny Boyle. Friggin friggin fantastic. Amazing movie. It's 10 PM here on the last day of the year and i feel like i've finished the year on a high.

I just don't want to talk anymore and waste your time. The next thing you'll do now is find this movie online, stream, download, do what you want, i don't care but watch this movie. You just cannot afford to postpone watching this movie. Forget missing it!!! Amazing movie !!! Go Go Go !!!

Award Danny Boyle with an Indian Passport i say, for showing Bombay like he did. Fantabulous!!!!

And on a closing note i wish you all a Very Happy New Year :). 2009 here we come !!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bestest lines ever; for the moment !!!

The Thrill is gone as B.B.King puts it.

Next time before talking to me you might consider not taking the step as it disturbs equilibrium states. Energy releases and electron jumps might end up making me releasing energy popularly known as chakra leading to permanent damage of a perhaps neutral string.

It is a disturbing thought, this ability to think.Do you know the feeling when you are clapping in air and a mosquito gets swatted?

There is no we. There is no friend. There is me and nothing more. Always a loner, let me be like that. Do not change one season and give me hope.Unless the trip is worthwhile, it really doesnt make sense carrying extra load.

Courtesy: College-mate Gururaj Kosuru

Monday, December 15, 2008

Back to Business !

I’d like to tell you the many important reasons for me not writing very much over the past couple months. Unfortunately, there really aren’t any. The truth of the matter is that I’ve been spending most of time coloring excel sheets and playing iPint, that fantabulous game which does nothing but fill my iphone screen with virtual beer that i virtually gulp and then feel an instant virtual high. It's rather ironic that i actually took to iPint so easily . I detested any form of virtual gaming, especially the ones that involved guns and bombs. The peaceful guy i am, whenever i feel the urge to commit mindless violence i flush the lot down the toilet instead of gunning down innocent bots.

Off late i've been extremely caught up with work analysing Viagara stocking and usage, among other things for our client. Our analysis concluded Viagara works best when you buy yourself a 100 mg pill , break it into two halves, take one in and stare at the other half. This is inside information and is exclusively available only to readers of Know More Nonsense. Regarding stocking information, my colleague Ambu has been trying really hard to come up with an accurate analysis but the numbers he says are almost always down. So much so that, he suddenly yells "Up , Up, Up" at the top of his voice in he office in frustration. Note that this too is sensitive company information that is available only to readers who are not Ambu's friends.

Apart of Viagara, I've also got involved what was once, according to me, a fiercely foolish exercise, literally: Gym-ing. Yes i've been majorly listening to VH1 music along with cycling and lifting weights ofcourse, at the gym. By the end of half hour of VH1 and 11 minutes of muscle flexing i feel much much stronger. So strong that i almost punch my way through the office door and extract rar files off the monitor with my bare hands! It feels good. Really good ! Too good actually!!!

In the middle of such a hectic schedule there was sometimes a chance to put the kettle on and read a chapter of a book among other things. Talking of kettles i've to seriously recommend India's first tea bar Infinitea to you. Had been there a couple of weeks back and didn't i love the place. Infinitea at Cunningham Road hajaar varieties of tea and some great Italian food . Next time you pass by Cunningham Road in Bangalore, make sure you catch it ! Afterall coffee and tea are the only constant proofs that God loves to see us happy !

Before i leave you let me tell you one useless piece of beverage information:
'Appy' supposedly in Malayalam and Tamil slang means excreta and the apple drink Appy is a firm favorite of many. So next time your friend feels thirsty , you have to intonate "Thirsty? Sip Appy. Slurpy Slurpy. You fullu happy". Okay ?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Balls and Brains !!!

Don't i love this ?

THERE are few better ways of upsetting a certain sort of politically correct person than to suggest that intelligence (or, rather, the variation in intelligence between individuals) is under genetic control. That, however, is one implication of a paper about to be published in Intelligence by Rosalind Arden of King’s College, London, and her colleagues. Another is that brainy people are intrinsically healthier than those less intellectually endowed. And the third, a consequence of the second, is that intelligence is sexy. The most surprising thing of all, though, is that these results have emerged from an unrelated study of the quality of men’s sperm

Read more here.

Yes yes, am still alive and will post in a few days !