Monday, December 18, 2006

Of low angles, city buses and the element silicon

Hi people, so a post after a really long time. Must confess the last couple of months have not been good. Hence the lean blogging period. But now i am back , i mean back to Hyderabad.This place makes me feel so good each time i come back.
I have been doing a lot of things since the last couple of days, all thanks to the senseless programs on Gemini and E tv (EEee tv??), except that chakravakam and that serial on 'how to clean the dining table every afternoon' though.

I have been going around in city-buses after a very long time. You know it's exam time and the buses here are packed with students on their way to their exams . One of them asked me curiously 'what is NaHCO3 called' obviously nervous about the exam he was going to take. I replied that i didn't remember .He then whispered something to his friend. I heard him saying something like " He must have stood 67th in a class of 60 in his school". Smart kids i thought having got used to such insinuations by my six year old niece.

I have also been trying my hand at paper rockets .I used to be the undisputed champion in my school days. I could fold the paper to form the contours of a rocket and throw it as far as 10 meters. I tried the same thing yesterday from our balcony on the fourth floor but this time it travelled only 10 centimeters and landed on our watchman's head who was listening to his favourite song 'crazy kiya re' ; while my niece was clapping and shouting 'your bird hit the watchman. Shame shame puppy shame' and such like.

Our street cricket is back too. I have learnt a new shot called the 'Low angled shot' ;inspired from the now ubiquitous 'sting' operations on our news-channels. They always have low angled shots which have a long term effect on high society people.

I have also learnt how to make a dolphin using 'paper waste paste' and an empty bottle. I have always loved painting , dancing and stuff . Even sreesanth was a national level dancer in his eighth grade i have learnt. All successful people start painters or dancers you see.

Ahh forget to tell you about my horrible train journey back home. It has inspired me to start writing a really long account on '10 reasons why not to travel in sleeper class with a confirmed ticket'. i have decided to do that later but for now i am on silicon implants; i mean researching on silicon stuff and how Baywatch had us glued to the television screens for those many years. First time i looked at them i thought they were some new age tomatoes of the 2050's. Have a look at it yourself here.The more exotic version here.

Apart from the implants and the rockets and the shots i have been reading a couple of books. A Wodehouse and a Telugu book. I make it a point to read a Telugu book while at home and right now i am consuming ' Tappu cheddam Randi ' by Yandamoori Veerendranath. Nice book i must say ,just in case anyone is interested .

So that's the news from my side, and make sure you drop in your comments. It's been a long break and comments now can be very encouraging. [:)]