Tuesday, May 30, 2006

To be or not to be ...

After two and a half weeks of cramming, running and dancing around in formals, finally made it to Infosys and Mahindra British Telecom (now Tech Mahindra). Both these jobs will pay me enough to buy me a McChicken Maharaja everyday, along with a coke every saturday. So, no regrets on that front. Also,I have deleted my orkut account yesterday. So can't do my regular profile browsing, thanking and socialising stuff. So here it goes; thankyou all who wished me success.

The last two weeks were so very stressful with all the companies flooding the campus and we having to attend interview after interview to get placed in our so called dream company. Things were getting too difficult to handle. The heat, the huge round sweat mark on my brand new shirt, trying to look comfortable when you are actually not, lying to every interviewer that his company was my dream company, asking him questions that actually did not make any sense. All this did not leave a good taste behind.

A little bit of introspection and the Sidin-interview made me realise i was a bit too caught up in the competiton. For those who didn't know, Sidin Vadukut is a freelancer and an IIM-A alumnus who was here at DA-IICT a couple of months back to conduct a quiz . The guy is doing it all from writing books, to blogging to an online magazine. I first saw him at a quiz in Ahmedabad and he has been an inspiration ever since. Coming back to the placements, a job after graduation is not what i am looking at. Rather, I want to do an official quiz one day, lead a protest march demanding the death sentence of Narendra Modi, do stand-up comedy at stage shows, date a couple fo genuinely good looking girls, watch unhealthy amounts of television before i finally start a very small company of my own.

Writing programs is not something i want to do. I want to live life on my own terms. Not that i hate working as a subordinate or like i hate co-operating . A little bit of fame and a comfortable life is what i want. It may sound hopelessly romantic or too distantly utopic while you are reading this but still...

Leaving the placements behind, things have got a lot better in the last few days. Couple of hours of trivia collection , an hour of Pj's on my hostel mates , an extremely boring book on procrastination, upma, lemon rice and lemonade are keeping me busy all day.

Friday, May 12, 2006


May 10th i said.May 13 th it is.I wrote a couple of exams the day before, pretty long ones .So thought i will continue writing .So, here i am writing for the first time after a long time and for the first time when it didn't actually come naturally to me.
Abhay has got his own Tag-dom now. Reliable sources say,he has tagged 27 of us .Way to go, Abhay.So, i am supposed to put down my most embarrissing moments.Umm let's see...

"THE MOMENTS" in chronological order:

1.Long back

When i was in the 6th standard , one girl from my class brought her slam book to school and asked me to fill it up.It had this question- "Most embarrassing moment?". I didn't know what embarrassing really meant .I thought it was on the lines of the happiest moment or something and so i wrote "When i first met you".
She never talked to me again.


Dropped into a huge huge mall , which was like 4 miles long , 2 miles wide and 8 floors tall. Walked a couple of miles , found a cute sales girl and thought i will do some talking. So pulled out the nearest pink denim trouser and asked her "Excuse me. How much does it cost?? It really looks great .Must be perfect for me". She gave a deprecating smile and said "Yes sir , great trouser. Will look perfect on any good looking gal. This is the girl's section. For men's trousers, go to the sixth floor , turn right, walk half a kilometer and then ask someone else". Embarrassed i was and said "How much does it cost to travel to the men's section??"

3.Very recently :-
For those who didn't know ,Sneha is my cute,sweet five year old niece.


Sneha: Where did you go?

Me: Cutting.

Sneha :What did he cut?

Me:obviously hair..

Sneha: So say hair-cut. My teacher told me the other day.

THUDDD!!!!!(It was like i was thrown down from the fifth floor)

Me:I know that.Wanted to know whether you knew it.

Sneha:I think you should bathe now.

ME:ohhh! nice, i will do that.

Must thank her for correcting me, i later corrected atleast a dozen others.

4.Very Very recently:

I saw a girl playing cricket with her gang of boys. She was playing real good and used an english willow bat. Nice bat it was. The girl was a real tomboy. She hollered at the guys like "Abey [expletive] .Behen ke [expletive] .Kadhe hoja .Teri [expletive] [expletive] ko ek kardhunga".
I went upto her and said: "Teri bat accha hai".All the guys around started laughing??.I didn't know why??
It got her started again.She started screaming at me "Abey [expletive] ,hindi bolna aatha hai to bol, nahi tho [expletive] [expletive] [expletive] ".

I had to run for cover. Finally managed to hide behind a Maruti omni.

Did i say anything wrong??

Phew!! So much for my embarrassing moments. Will be back with Jilla Jigiri.