Thursday, October 11, 2007

More from this wonderland !!!

I know.I know. It's been long since i posted anything worthwhile here . A lot of my posts these days have been i-tried-but-could-manage-only-these-pics ones. Blame it on my job, i find no inspiration around. All i find here is extremely well manicured lawns, roads cleaned with tooth brushes, cycles oiled using Johnson's baby oil and signs reading "Don't Horn !! Techies at work" three miles away from the workplace. Truely world class they call it.

I by no means want to undermine the IT industry when i say that. This job has been a great transformer. You feel a great better after you leave your terminal at 5 in the evening. You even get to learn that game "rock, paper, scissors" apart from doing some invaluable research.

Now i imagine you are dying to know more about my research. So let me explain. I believe in using the company resources to the maximum effect and the printer is one such wonderful resource. I take printouts of scoresheets, pics of Namitha and also some personal mails of mine. In the process i make it a point to pick up other discarded print-outs on the desk. They make very interesting reading, believe me. They range from "Step wise procedure on how to switch the AC off ??" to " Survey to know what kind of kisser you are" to " Application form for the position of Software engineer at Wipro". One of the most interesting talks about:

"Hi PSR!! Your blog sucks. Don't try too hard. Now giveup……"

Ohh!! No , wrong print out. I seem to have lost the right one. This the 10th printout i have lost ,;hich is more than- wait!! Let me write a program to calculate this. Yeah more than one third of the total printouts (and no compile-time errors this time). But I don’t mind losing them as long as i get to use the printer for free.

Not just that. We also have a messenger software to chat with our fellow employees. And trust me, all my colleagues are one the most humour-receptive people on this planet. They keep laughing all the time.Consider this conversation on our very beloved messenger.

Me: Hey Selvam!! Good morning . So how was the night??

Selvaprasad: Don’t ask man. No action, nothing.

Me: Nevermind dood! I have a joke to share with you.

Selvaprasad : Hahahhaha. Hahhahahha. Good man. Go on.

Me: No, that wasn’t the joke. It goes like this: It was raining that day.

Selvaprasad: LOL man LOL. Hahahahaha.

Me: (not understanding what was so funny :O) And our boss forgot his umbrella.

Selvaprasad: ROFLOL . LMAO. Hahaha. Super da. That fool. LOL.LOL.

Me: Hey!! I didn’t even get into it. Neways ; our boss had some files with him.

Selvaprasad: Oh my Oh!!! LOL. Oh my God. ROFLOL. You are super hilarious man. I can laugh no more. U made my day. Now I have to get back to coding. I have to report back to that fool. Hahahahaha. It was so funny. Nice happened to our useless boss.Hahahhaa.

Me: Arey Selvam!! That wasn’t even the beginning.

(and he was gone as i was still typing)

But all said, Selvam is a good friend of mine and does most of my work including telling the girl next to him that I thought she looked pretty. So I won’t go any further on this. If not for such incidents, the printer and those mails, life couldn’t have been more boring. Software is all we do each day. Use softwares everywhere is our motto. On that note I spell-check this documant and take leav to listen to those songs fromm “Chodhon na yaar” .