Sunday, June 25, 2006


I found this post on the net.Beautiful. Thought i should share it with you.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Godavari- 4.9/5 , Pokiri- 4.5/5

So then, two new posts on the same day and i am back to this crowded internet cafe to post my second post after watching two good movies :Godavari and Pokiri. People might be surprised to see Godavari rated higher than Pokiri. Let me explain.

Godavari -
What a movie it was ! Excellent !! Shekhar kammula creates magic again. I liked his previous movie Anand but this one beats it, if u ask me. Lovely movie !!!. The one word to describe this movie would be "pleasant". I am not a film critic to dissect and analyse the movie scene by scene but lemme describe the experience. I dont get tickets for free, so have to stand in long queues to get one. I didn't have to do that for Godavari because there were not many takers for the 10:30 PM show. So, walked in peacefully with the ticket (went to the movie alone). Sat back watching all the good looking gals with their boy-friends slowly walking down the aisles.

So Pre movie experience- full marks.

The movie began without the mandatory AIDS campaign advertisement. You can't ask for a better start. Can you? Then you have the movie. Let me tell you; from the first scene to the last scene of the first half the movie was beautiful. Dialogues were excellent , so was the music, and so were the locations.The first half was UBER-COOL.

Score till now: 5/5.

Second Half : Same peaceful pace, the dog sequence was superb, the heroine was beginning to look sexy, the hero insane but nevertheless i was loving the movie .Then, the hero Sumanth danced. So, -0.05 for that and then the unneccesary fight sequence in between attracts another -0.05 . Rest, was a dream.

Final score line: 4.9/5.

I intentionally did not give out the storyline ,because i want you to watch the movie. I don't actually know whether it was inspired from Titanic or another old telugu movie 'Andala ramudu' ,but let me tell you, the movie was excellent. Afterall, who cares if you liked the movie so much. In the end, it was one of those movies you can walk in alone ,watch it and walk out feeling - " Am at peace with my life ".

Final word: An absolute-must-watch.


Pokiri - Let me take an alternative approach to this movie.

Had to toil for the tickets.

Pre movie experience: 4.8/5

The film had the following things that worked to its advantage:

1.Puri jagannath has great style.
2.Vulgar dialogues for the masses.
3.Too much violence also for the masses.
4.Great songs.

The primary reason for the stupendous success of pokiri as i see it : Gals are flocking to the theatres to see Mahesh Babu and the guys, Ileana. Pokiri proved again that the next superstar in Tollywood is Mahesh babu. He has great looks, can act superbly well. No second thoughts on that. He can make a mediocre movie look great. So all your money's worth only his action, anything else is a bonus.

For all its violence and routine whatever : 4.5/5

To sum it up:
Mahesh babu will be buying a lot more of those Mercedes Benz's after this movie ,probably worth 50 lakhs each ,but Ileana's Bends-- PRICELESS. [:p]

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Of Shopping, Hyderabadi Biryani and "The Angrez"

Aaha, Awesome. Am back in Hyderabad after a long five and a half month semester and the last few days have been great.This is the first time that none of my friends are in Hyderabad during my short stay here. My elder sister came down to see me along with her two lil daughters Sneha and Srija. The first few days with them was fun except that i had to watch Pogo and Cartoon network all day with Sneha while the cute one and a half year old Srija pulled my spectacles and made weird shapes out of it. She made what she thought was a spoon, then a long snake and then two shorter snakes. So,my poor spectacles is now no more.

Third day was even more eventful. I accompanied my sister for her shopping. I didn't know what she was going to shop, but agreed to accompany her nevertheless. First we went to this shop named Meetal matching centre. Gals staying in and around chikkadpally should know it, perhaps. What a place to visit i thought . There were all these gals and women shopping for their matching blouses , pretty coats [:P] etc etc and here i was, the lone man standing in the crowd confused. It doesn't stop there. I have to give my opinon on the green blouse piece with golden peacocks on it. I told my sis that it was good and it would go well with her saree. She doesn't like it because the peacock's beak, it seems is too long for her liking. Beak?? Too long??. ..Ayyyyaaadddaaa... . Now you know why shopping with a gal is not easy. You will have seven shades of green and yellow to choose from.Twenty two types of birds to choose.Four types of the bird's feathers. Phew!! choosing the right option in CAT is easier. Next was the jewellery store , then the school uniforms for Sneha and then finally the Vegetable Mandi. Quite a shopping it was.

How can you leave Hyderabad without having it's chicken biryani. Bawarchi- not one more time i thought and the next day i was on a lookout for a Hyderabadi restaurant i have not visited. Ironically,i have not been to 'Cafe Bahar' a very famous restaurant or cafe (whatever you may choose to call it) very close to my place in Himayatnagar.So went to Cafe Bahar had nice dinner with chicken,pan and all. The Miyas there were great. Miyas i mean, the waiters. They wont respond to anything like "excuse me" and "waiter".Only "Miya" will work. Lovely you see.You get the feel of Hyderabad when you say that-Proudly Hyderabadi.

Next on my agenda was to buy myself a new pair of shoes. The previous ones were stolen u see.Thought i should replace an Adidas with an Adidas.Was off to the Banjara hills Adidas show room and was done with the shopping within fifteen minutes. It would have taken a fortnight had i my sister accompanied me. She would have complained about the logo perhaps -"The three slant lines don't look good. why aren't they straight??" .Thankgod i went alone and now i have my new pair of shoes.

Now the movies- For people who din't know ,"The Angrez" is a pakka Hyderabadi movie. The last time i was here, i watched this movie and i absolutely loved it. Funky Comedy, sexy lingo. All in all an awesome movie. I am trying to find a VCD of this movie in Hyderabad for the past one week and have not yet succeded. My friends want me to get Bawarchi biryani for them on my flight back to Ahmedabad on 22nd. I know for sure it would be more fun having bawarchi with "The Angrez" playing on screen in the hostel. So people in Hyderabad; if u know where i could get the VCD, please let me know.

I should be going now because i have booked tickets to watch movies back to back- 'Godavari' and 'Pokiri' . So, probably will back with their four-line-reviews. Ciao.

P.S:Dont mind the typos , the keyboard here in this net-centre is killing me.