Friday, June 16, 2006

Godavari- 4.9/5 , Pokiri- 4.5/5

So then, two new posts on the same day and i am back to this crowded internet cafe to post my second post after watching two good movies :Godavari and Pokiri. People might be surprised to see Godavari rated higher than Pokiri. Let me explain.

Godavari -
What a movie it was ! Excellent !! Shekhar kammula creates magic again. I liked his previous movie Anand but this one beats it, if u ask me. Lovely movie !!!. The one word to describe this movie would be "pleasant". I am not a film critic to dissect and analyse the movie scene by scene but lemme describe the experience. I dont get tickets for free, so have to stand in long queues to get one. I didn't have to do that for Godavari because there were not many takers for the 10:30 PM show. So, walked in peacefully with the ticket (went to the movie alone). Sat back watching all the good looking gals with their boy-friends slowly walking down the aisles.

So Pre movie experience- full marks.

The movie began without the mandatory AIDS campaign advertisement. You can't ask for a better start. Can you? Then you have the movie. Let me tell you; from the first scene to the last scene of the first half the movie was beautiful. Dialogues were excellent , so was the music, and so were the locations.The first half was UBER-COOL.

Score till now: 5/5.

Second Half : Same peaceful pace, the dog sequence was superb, the heroine was beginning to look sexy, the hero insane but nevertheless i was loving the movie .Then, the hero Sumanth danced. So, -0.05 for that and then the unneccesary fight sequence in between attracts another -0.05 . Rest, was a dream.

Final score line: 4.9/5.

I intentionally did not give out the storyline ,because i want you to watch the movie. I don't actually know whether it was inspired from Titanic or another old telugu movie 'Andala ramudu' ,but let me tell you, the movie was excellent. Afterall, who cares if you liked the movie so much. In the end, it was one of those movies you can walk in alone ,watch it and walk out feeling - " Am at peace with my life ".

Final word: An absolute-must-watch.


Pokiri - Let me take an alternative approach to this movie.

Had to toil for the tickets.

Pre movie experience: 4.8/5

The film had the following things that worked to its advantage:

1.Puri jagannath has great style.
2.Vulgar dialogues for the masses.
3.Too much violence also for the masses.
4.Great songs.

The primary reason for the stupendous success of pokiri as i see it : Gals are flocking to the theatres to see Mahesh Babu and the guys, Ileana. Pokiri proved again that the next superstar in Tollywood is Mahesh babu. He has great looks, can act superbly well. No second thoughts on that. He can make a mediocre movie look great. So all your money's worth only his action, anything else is a bonus.

For all its violence and routine whatever : 4.5/5

To sum it up:
Mahesh babu will be buying a lot more of those Mercedes Benz's after this movie ,probably worth 50 lakhs each ,but Ileana's Bends-- PRICELESS. [:p]


chandu said...

Godavari rated high than Pokiri :o

enjoyin a lot!eh? get us Godavari CD bey...

pokiri is already on ur PC.

Btw final word for Pokiri: Must watch. atleast for bends ;)

disha256 said...

haha, me too enjoyed godavari very much..

What a demanding character kamilini got and best part was she outperformed that role.. none else wud have fit that well..

try and get godavari pirated cd bey.. wanna watch it second time

Deepu said...

i know i just dug my grave..

mistakes happen.. :P

Rahul said...

Haha ade oopulo 10th class kooda rating ichei. But please visit the theatre for unbiased reports :p

Naresh said...

PSR Blog... 5/5

durga said...

nuvvu film critic ayi quizzer.dani taruvata infy placed.[;P]

nitesh said...

godavari rated higher than pokiri????? dont think so yaar......atleast for ileanas bends nd mahesh's acting u could have rated it more......ok ok lemme help u out......
intechange the ratings nd the bolg is a perect one....... ha ha ha ....

ne ways cool blog re.....

chaturvedula said...

abe sale....
godavari is a good movie no doubt..but then..the songs in pokiri...the HEROINE in pokiri..MAHESH BABU in pokiri...the charcterisation of puri jagannadh....the fights...the comedy track...trademarks of sucess...macha.

lathishdavinci said...

mama..bahut deep hai tere reviews!!neways new post updated..check it out!!!

Likhitha said...

Hey! it was really an accident... i think i got this link from Abhay (if i'm not wrong) we were actually browsing few blogs in our school and was surprised to see an indian blog in the list... so through that indian blog... we kinda followed many but we didn't had patience to read everything...few blogs were intersting so we gave a glance...and the last blog was Abhay's and we had a lot of time left out so not to bore ourselves we read few from his blog and commented them... OKAY!!! Thanks for dropping in mine... and it was a good comment...Yep! my name means - to write...!! its the sanskrit word for Script... HEH HEH!!