Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ayyo Orkut

All my friends on Orkut, you might have seen three of my accounts floating around. Not my fault. Someone's been fiddling with my account or something. I'll try doing something about it. Every time i try to login i am prompted to create a new account. I am not sure why? A couple of days and i think i should set that right.

Update: The profile's up now and all the other fake ones have been deleted, thanks to orkut India for their help. But i'll wait for a couple more days before i start adding people. You never know !!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight !!!

Funtashhtic!!! Brilliant !!! Christopher Nolan has done it again . Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige and now The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is one movie you cannot afford to miss.

I loved everything about the movie especially Joker . He must be among the best villians ever scripted and Heath Ledger, Oh my Oh, what a performance !

I occasionally , even jumped off the seat , clapped and cheered for the Batman with the excitement of a seven year old, totally oblivious to the fact that i actually was sandwiched between two young couples in the cinema.

An absolute must watch : 5/5.

Please please do yourself a favour and go watch the movie.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Funky timepass !!

I've come across a super-duper-full time pass section on the Mumbai Mirror. It's called "Ask the sexpert ". I've bookmarked it and this is the first thing i am going to read in office everyday from now on. Dr. Watsa's a genius!!!

A teaser :
I am 28 years old. I get night fall four times a week and especially whenever I see porn. My hands start sweating because of night fall. How do I get rid of this problem?

Watsa: Sperms have three ways of exit night fall, masturbation and intercourse. Choose whichever is suitable. Hand sweating is not connected.

A lot of women approach me for a physical relationship since I have a good physique. However, I am scared. My instructor says that sex reduces physique due to loss of semen since semen is a kind of blood. Is that true or just an old wives' tale?

Watsa: The instructor badly needs sex education. It is an old wives' tail.
LOL !!!

Am a gonna be billionaire !!!

The 50 billion Zimbabwean bank note is selling on ebay above its face value. It was selling at 12$ when i last saw it. i am seriously planning to buy one for myslef. I am going to be a billionaire. Guhahahaha!!!!!
Follow this link !!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tweet Tweet !!!

I've decided to be seriously active on Twitter again. Find "psr" and you are ready to follow . For people new to twitter , just register yourslef. Good timepass in office, i tell you !

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alarm Alarm : This is no country for young men !!! Young patriots, before you begin to pillory me, let me explain.

I have only lately understood what "dangerous surplus of sons" actually means. I used to mock people who said it,but not anymore, after i've seen the sex ratio projections today.

Census has it that in India, there are 1000 men for every 923 women. And by 2050 it is projected that there'll be a whopping 1000 men for every 880 women. Do you even understand what those numbers mean?

It means 77 single eligible bachelors, come what may !!! It means that even the last girl can make 78 unfortunate guys stand in a row , stark naked ,make us dance to some Hritik number and then choose the biggest jerk among the lot, like they always do !!!

Ok Ok, if that doesn't sound alarming enough, consider this !!! India's population right now stands at 1.3 billion half of them below the age of 25. Assume the present sex ratio and after some simple multiplications, you'll come down to the number 13 million. Interpret the number as 13 million young,peaceful marriageable bachelors. F**ity ow!!!!

Staggering 130 lakh single men . I know 130 of us including our manager from our firm are definite shooins for the above category but i am still thinking about the rest of the unfortunate people.

Next time you find a guy kicking his door for no reason or fiercely boxing a wall , or a guy yelling at the top of his voice in the middle of the road or you find one banging the office desk hysterically, don't bother. We guys just have to let it out. This is no country for young men. I am going to, that Ivanovic- Jankovic country, yes Serbia !!! How 'bout you ???

P.S : The trailers of "Rock on" starring Farhan Akthar look extremely interesting !!! Three songs are real funky. The film is about music, four men and their girlfriends. The director did a wonderful job of maintaining a sex ratio of one . See, it happens only in the movies !!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Deliberate urgency !!!

Today's moment of the day came when the manager came to me looking extremely anxious and said to me "I want this done immediately by next friday "

Immediately by next friday??


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nadal, take a bow !!!

The 22 year old kid from Majorca did it !!! He made the god of grass look human. The swiss' coolness in the face of extreme adversity which is generally a matter of great wonder and charm was no where to be seen till the rain-gods prevented Nadal from taking the game apart from the defending champion.

The trophy rightfully belonged to Fedex for five years till yesterday evening but Nadal deemed it necessary to beat , arguably the best player on grass in the sport's history. And he did . Nadal's desire and willingness to win showed on the court but he needed a little more to beat the champion and he did. Kudos!!!

As a big time Federer fan the most inspiring moment in the match before Nadal's victory came when Federer defending a match point in the second tie-break fired a back hand down the line and forced the match into the fifth set. That moment i clinched my fist in the air and then patted myself for being a Federer fan.

Federer even in the defeat , a painful one, made clear he was proud to be a part of a match in which Nadal played like he did and that Nadal deserved what he achieved .

Nadal later acknowledged the fight from the fallen champion saying:
"I'm so proud because I feel I am playing against, and now beating, the best player in the history of tennis. The fight he put up against me was unbelievable and I congratulate him for that. I also have to say that he is a credit to our sport whether he wins or he loses."

Generous words from the Wimbledon champion indeed !!!

Nadal deservedly would have partied hard last night and must have gone to bed with his trophy. And it would have been strange and really painful for Federer to go to sleep having lost the title. But both of them will wake up tomorrow only to fight another match, another day. After all, that's what sport is all about !!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

How about this??

Am in Hyderabad contemplating something seriously important on the professional front. While am doing that let me present to you something interesting i thought about.

In most tall corporate buildings in Bangalore you find i-don't-know-what-you-call-them digital advertising screens beside the elevators. As someone who uses the elevator at least thrice a day i think this kind of advertising actually works. It very effectively grabs attention of people waiting for the elevator which generally is longer than you expect. There are always a few more seconds for the elevator to reach your floor.

Assuming this business model works, something i always thought was possible looks more possible now : Clean, hygienic, free public toilets. I see a few paid toilets in public places these days but most people pee outside those toilets for free. It actually makes sense that not everybody would pay a rupee or two to pee when he can actually do that for free . Don't give me that crap about social responsibility . The idea is trite and most often than not people respond to incentives rather than words like "social responsibility".

But to create an incentive for people to pee in public toilets is a little difficult unless you would want to pay them every time they reach the toilet. So create an incentive for the advertisers. Get them into these washrooms. Yes, create value for them, where people pee. Let them have their advertising spaces right in front of the person in action , at the toilet and dare that piss-er not to take notice of what's being advertised. I am sure he can't. He has to watch it and take notice. Moreover the time it takes between opening and closing the fly is very close to a normal advertisement length, if you're talking multimedia ads that is. Just think about it !!! Imagine !!!

If thats what the advertisers want , they are going to pay for it. They may not pay as much as they normally would for other modes of advertisement, but the small amount they pay would, i have a feeling, suffice to maintain a public toilet.

There you have it. An ideal win-win situation where the advertisers have got their due and the people have clean, hygienic public toilets to use for free. And we haven't even started talking about the market base or things like that. The very fact that screens can be set up in a building where the same set of few people look at them everyday, gets me excited. Intuitively this should work. I am curious to get into the actual figures , do some math and to get to some concrete numbers.
Clean, Hygienic public toilets. Think Think !!!