Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ayyo Orkut

All my friends on Orkut, you might have seen three of my accounts floating around. Not my fault. Someone's been fiddling with my account or something. I'll try doing something about it. Every time i try to login i am prompted to create a new account. I am not sure why? A couple of days and i think i should set that right.

Update: The profile's up now and all the other fake ones have been deleted, thanks to orkut India for their help. But i'll wait for a couple more days before i start adding people. You never know !!!


vijay said...

Arey Confirm which one is your real porfile bey but don't make it public, some eye red,blue or green whatever must be spying and we will start getting messages saying this is my real profile from all the Profiles :)

satish said...

I was wondering y u r sending friend requests like crazy. gud tht u finally put and end :)

Rahul said...

Muhaha I added you first :P Idi khachitanga tasmadeeyula paney :P