Thursday, May 31, 2007


It feels like eternity since i left DA-IICT on the 12th of May. Life's bloody boring and there's nothing much you can do about it. You don't really miss college until you have actually left the place once in for all. The night outs, the LAN, the playground, the canteen, the gossip , the friends. All gone in one day. There have been times when i doubted if would blog again; because college had so much to do with my posts and my life in general. Nostalgia hits me and it hits me hard. As if this wasn't enough i came to know i won't get my caution deposit ( that i paid 4 years back) back because i didn't submit my ID, my table keys and the bird-flue clearance certificate. Weird are the rules of college i thought.

Back in Hyderabad things are; there is no pretty way of putting this; BAD : " Bored and Almost Dead " i call it. Why "Almost "?? Because "The wonder Years" and the pretty girl in our neighborhood are making me feel just about OK. I realised my summer was going nowhere just looking at that girl and so decided to hit some happening multiplexes in the city. One of the places where girls where minnies and those "Sania" T-shirts with naughty one liners on them. I love reading what's written across their T but am afraid to look long enough to make it out. I tried reading a couple but all i could manage was
"Look.........." and
on three girl shirts. Some message there but i am not going to give up so easily. Not at all. So what do i do??? Go to those girls and say "I can do this without your permission, but could i read what's on your tee?". You couldn't ask more from a guy , could you?? But wait. That is not what i did. Instead i decided to crash into a rip-me-off mall to check out all the female Tees. I had to find out. I just had to. I lost my sense of embarrassment those three hours when i dug into every possible T-shirt that had something written on it. Though i couldn't find the exact lines but i now know all the lines that could be printed on a female shirt. Well, almost.

I came back home, caught up with some break-the-headlight-cricket in the parking lot . The lines kept ringing in the head. "Speed breakers ahead" , "Careful . Slippery " and stuff. So to distract myself i switched on the television only to learn it was JEE results that day. Coaching institutes virtually roadblocked all channels with their advertisements. Their hyperbole was, i knew for one, inaccurate. I have always maintained that i was against corporate colleges in Andhra Pradesh and i feel even more strongly now. And what have i read today?. Narayana Coaching Centre is coming up with "IIT Schools " to train students for JEE from class 6. Yes, you read it right. Class 6. Absolute bull-shit i say. As a student who went through the coaching grind for the JEE i know what it takes to crack the JEE. It's ludicrous to say you will train them from class 6. They raise a four storeyed building in the most crowded of streets. The schools have no playground, no great extra cirriculars but extended "Study Hours". 8 to 5. Imagine. They rob you of any hint of creativity you have but they will teach you "numbers in a relativistic frame" . And if this 6th grade thing happens, i am sure they'll be tearing down the concept of school education. To put it simply: They are robbing you of your childhood.

Enough of them .Got a little carried away having just read the newspaper. So that's all i wanted to write and one more thing ; you’re missing part of the show if you’re skipping the Comments. Things happen in there! Oh, man, do things happen in there! Go join the party!!!!