Friday, February 22, 2008

" Which Croft " ???

Heard of IPL ?
If so, heard of The Deccan chronicle??
For people living in a news-blackout, the Deccan Chronicle ( DC ) owns the Hyderabad franchisee in the Indian Premier League . Those of you who followed the news might have been seriously impressed by the line-up deccan chronicle has managed to cull for the Hyderabad team. Adam Gilchrist, Andrew Symonds , Herschelle Gibbs , Shahid Afridi and ofcourse our very own T20 specialist VVS Laxman leading the pack.
Wondering how DC managed to do it beating the likes of the Ambanis , Mallyas and the Wadias (also Known as the Zinta family these days)???
I've got the answer : All by the grace of Amil Baba Roshan ji . Yeah,Babaji is a regular on the 'Newsmakers' page of the DC . To clear the mist let me show you one of them. Here it is.

The Jan 28th 'Newsmakers' page. I know,there are many articles of interest there but allow me to distract your attention towards the ad pointed with the red arrow. That is where the supenatural power exists.
Here's is the enlarged picture.

Feel free to read it twice. No, thrice i say. He's the reason DC continues to exist inspite of its sleazy news coverage. He's the reason DC could manage the moolah to buy the team and the players. He's the cure for all evil provided you visit him with 'one agarbathi with you'.
Laugh your lungs out and let me know which line you thought was the most hilarious. My pick : 'I have solution for all type of problems. But no one has solution for me'.

P.S : Thanks to Amil Baba i'll be quitting my first job in a month to start afresh as a "Business Analyst" in Bangalore. The girfriend's glad too. She hated the IT engineer tag and says "Hi!" to all of you here . :)