Monday, August 04, 2008

The Clean Shave

There's nothing called a " Clean Shave " !!!
Zeus faced that problem. Karl Marx faced it too. Now am facing it.
Every monday morning i wake up with two very important motives. One, to better by Snake score of 1100 and two, to reach office having had a clean shave. The first looks possible but somehow after hajaar attempts I've given up on the "clean shave". No matter how hard i try i just can't do it.

I do all that can be done. Nicely rinse the stubble, use an expensive foam and a more expensive funky looking three blade razor with a carbon alloy automatic tension arm and a rubber gasket for exceptional handling. I try reaching all corners of my face to make it just perfect.

Then i try to reach office in time with that jump in my stride, caressing my cheek as if to show people i had a clean shave and this happens:

Disha* : Hey PSR. Good morning.

I: Hi Disha , how's the weekend?? ( still fondly stroking my cheek)

Disha: Dude. You din shave properly. Still some hair on your cheeks and under your chin. Facial hair. Not good !!

I: C'mon that's not facial hair. That's just under-the-chin hair and cheek-hair.
And it was deliberate you see. The protagonist in that avante-garde spanish movie Adebayor van der vaart actually sports this style.

Disha: Ah? Which movie ?

I: Adebayor van der vaart.

Disha :Ohh. i've never heard of it.
("naturally u wouldn't have, because there's no such movie. Guhaahaha !!" to myself)

After i settle down in my seat and after a couple of minutes, Disha says something again. In a voice that can reach all possible corners of the office she asks :
"Oye the beard is supposedly the best source of hair in a hair transplant. Why don't you check out?? "
"Hmm oye Ambu. Disha is telling you something"
"I'm telling you"
" ohh . i thought..ok...2 mins..someone's calling" and i escape the embarrassment.

All because of the unshaven "facial hair".Another unsuccessful monday. Not once , not twice. It happens always. There's always more hair under the chin. There's always room for improvement and more room for embarrasing questions, unless you give up and decide to have a beard like the Zeus or Karl Marx or Osho .Will someone teach me the zen of perfect shaving or do we atleast now have a new model of the Mach3 ? I need a Mach 23. Dammit !!!!

*- Name changed in the interest of world peace !!!

Update: I think i've something interesting lined up . Keep an eye on Know More Nonsense for the next few days :P :)


a22yearold said...

how come u r soo good???? [:)]

Deepu said...
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Deepu said...

Screw you for the names you have choosen

else good post

Anonymous said...

ROTFL. awesome. PSR strikes back.

PSR Chaitanya said...

am i?

Nailed it. Whattay name . Wah wah!!! :D

Thankyou. I've decided to 'strike' more often now :)

avm said...

Dude.... u r making my name a Blot in ur Blogs

PSR Chaitanya said...

who are you? :P :D

satish said...

every time i shave and go to office....arun wud say tht some hair was still thr under the jaw :(
so frm the next time on, i wud ask him to see if the shaving was 'clean' in the flat itself :D
now that he is in IIIT, i donno what happens this time :S
nice post again man!! keep them coming....

PSR Chaitanya said...

Thank you boss .Yeah i will !!!

Rahul said...

You failed the Gillette challenge. Sataasat.

Deepu: Don't get excited into the n+1 th orbit yaaaaaa :P

Karthik said... @ world peace :D

smitzy said...

LOL.. that was great!!