Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nadal, take a bow !!!

The 22 year old kid from Majorca did it !!! He made the god of grass look human. The swiss' coolness in the face of extreme adversity which is generally a matter of great wonder and charm was no where to be seen till the rain-gods prevented Nadal from taking the game apart from the defending champion.

The trophy rightfully belonged to Fedex for five years till yesterday evening but Nadal deemed it necessary to beat , arguably the best player on grass in the sport's history. And he did . Nadal's desire and willingness to win showed on the court but he needed a little more to beat the champion and he did. Kudos!!!

As a big time Federer fan the most inspiring moment in the match before Nadal's victory came when Federer defending a match point in the second tie-break fired a back hand down the line and forced the match into the fifth set. That moment i clinched my fist in the air and then patted myself for being a Federer fan.

Federer even in the defeat , a painful one, made clear he was proud to be a part of a match in which Nadal played like he did and that Nadal deserved what he achieved .

Nadal later acknowledged the fight from the fallen champion saying:
"I'm so proud because I feel I am playing against, and now beating, the best player in the history of tennis. The fight he put up against me was unbelievable and I congratulate him for that. I also have to say that he is a credit to our sport whether he wins or he loses."

Generous words from the Wimbledon champion indeed !!!

Nadal deservedly would have partied hard last night and must have gone to bed with his trophy. And it would have been strange and really painful for Federer to go to sleep having lost the title. But both of them will wake up tomorrow only to fight another match, another day. After all, that's what sport is all about !!!


chandu said...

Awesome match. I wasn't happy to see Nadal winning though. Shidman!