Friday, July 04, 2008

How about this??

Am in Hyderabad contemplating something seriously important on the professional front. While am doing that let me present to you something interesting i thought about.

In most tall corporate buildings in Bangalore you find i-don't-know-what-you-call-them digital advertising screens beside the elevators. As someone who uses the elevator at least thrice a day i think this kind of advertising actually works. It very effectively grabs attention of people waiting for the elevator which generally is longer than you expect. There are always a few more seconds for the elevator to reach your floor.

Assuming this business model works, something i always thought was possible looks more possible now : Clean, hygienic, free public toilets. I see a few paid toilets in public places these days but most people pee outside those toilets for free. It actually makes sense that not everybody would pay a rupee or two to pee when he can actually do that for free . Don't give me that crap about social responsibility . The idea is trite and most often than not people respond to incentives rather than words like "social responsibility".

But to create an incentive for people to pee in public toilets is a little difficult unless you would want to pay them every time they reach the toilet. So create an incentive for the advertisers. Get them into these washrooms. Yes, create value for them, where people pee. Let them have their advertising spaces right in front of the person in action , at the toilet and dare that piss-er not to take notice of what's being advertised. I am sure he can't. He has to watch it and take notice. Moreover the time it takes between opening and closing the fly is very close to a normal advertisement length, if you're talking multimedia ads that is. Just think about it !!! Imagine !!!

If thats what the advertisers want , they are going to pay for it. They may not pay as much as they normally would for other modes of advertisement, but the small amount they pay would, i have a feeling, suffice to maintain a public toilet.

There you have it. An ideal win-win situation where the advertisers have got their due and the people have clean, hygienic public toilets to use for free. And we haven't even started talking about the market base or things like that. The very fact that screens can be set up in a building where the same set of few people look at them everyday, gets me excited. Intuitively this should work. I am curious to get into the actual figures , do some math and to get to some concrete numbers.
Clean, Hygienic public toilets. Think Think !!!


chandu said...

OMG!! You are having absolutely free time.

Whatever you do, people sill will be using the god given toilets. Free air, no need to search for one..
Hey, we are used to it for ages and why do you think we are gonna change? Change is inevitable but not in this case. Not unless I am prosecuted for it :D

And i think the argument you put in there has a flaw.You say people need an incentive to get into the public toilets. And advertisements in the public toilets aren't one! People are having way too much of ads in their daily life to get into the public toilets because of the advertisements. Something more, more good than fresh air should you come up with. I have none though and I don't have free time too :P

PSR Chaitanya said...

I am giving the people the privacy of peeing in a clean toilet for free and the incentive , i give it to the advertisers to advertise in the washrooms. The money from these ads can be used to maintain the toilets. :)