Sunday, March 02, 2008

Laptop or Shelter ??

Hello people !!! Back from Bhubaneshwar after a month long stay there and it wasn't easy home coming i tell you. Like i told you i'll be moving to Bengaluru in a couple of weeks and thought a new notebook was not a bad idea at all.

Mom said "Choose between the notebook and a shelter to live in at Bangalore" with the usual you-are-still-a-kid grin of hers. Little did she know dad from the other corner was signaling " laptop" while drawing a square with his fingers in the air.

I took notice and replied "Notebook it is" smiling superciliously while retreating back towards my good old desktop which was playing The Communards' "Don't leave me this way" .

oh my desktop , am not leaving you my friend. You can still enjoy the warmth and joy of my room . You had so much IN you which took us through our wonder nights in college. Thank you for everything and i must say you were amazing.

So, after having made that tough decision here i am asking you for suggestions on a new notebook. No, price's not an issue . Dad's paying for it after all . And am not looking at the Mac book either unless you can convince me it's worth the buck.

My current favorite is the HP Pavilion tx2000z even though i am not sure about its Indian price. So keep the suggestions pouring.


Rahul said...

If there's one person who's chances of being more attached to your desktop are better, you know who it'll be :(

rashmi said...

go for it! ur gf will like it! :P

chandu said...

I would go for a HP. You can get a wider screen up to 15' i guess.

Ask deepu or ganga about the mac. Both of them got it in a month's difference..

Ashwin said...

Which notebook did u buy finally? :O Why keeping your readers in the dark? :P