Wednesday, September 20, 2006


If you thought this is one of those "you pee, i pee , we all will pee together at full flow " pic, then you are WRONG. Look closely.

The guys from left in order are Chinna, Munna and Panduranga. Ignore the cows for the moment. Like always one of them panduranga wanted this "let as all pee" pic. Chinna and Munna reluctantly agreed. Both of them did not show anything personal to cows till then. Panduranga wanted the pic to look original and so he asked them to... you know what.
So, while Chinna nd Munna diligently stood holding theirs', Panduranga was caught searching for his. LOL. Look at the pic below. (Click on it for a better view.)

LMAO. By the way this was during our Abu tour. August 2006.


chandu said...


Canary said...

Hey, just stumbled upon ur blog.. and loved the funny posts [most r funny actually :)]

satish said...


asalu aa pic lo intha info undani nee blog chadivake telisindi :P

keep posting!!

Raghu said...

kummi dobbavu...

Anonymous said...

nee yabba,
names marchavu....bratikipoyanu

Rahul said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha panduranga panndurangaaaaa

Charan said...

abey..u didn't mention about "Chintu", who snapped this funny posture

anyway u proved "a few words are worthier than a picture" !!

Cheers mama!!