Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Not the best of weeks. Donno why, but am feeling dumb and inadequate. Trying every
possible way to get out of this. Anyways one of those days you sit on the net just to keep yourself occupied with absolutely no agenda. You go where the links take you. Four hours of continous browsing with some lovely music playing in the background. Dor songs are playing in a loop and am loving it. Especially the two songs "Yeh Honsla" and "Iman ka asar". Talking about feeling dumb ; found this piece on the net. Sorta feeling better now after reading it. It said:

Math can be hard, even for the biggest brains around. Mathematicians may spend hours
just trying to figure out a line of equations. All the while, they feel dumb and stupid. Then one day, these young mathematicians become established, become professors, acquire secretaries and offices. They don’t want to feel stupid anymore. And they stop doing great work.

Taking solace of the fact that feeling dumb is not that bad actually. I started wanting to write something funny today to change my mood. But somehow my mood is getting the better of me. Just one of those days, i know. Not feeling funny at all. So, lemme leave before you think i have gone insane.

P.S: Don't mind the senseless post. i don't even feel like editing it. Bad Bad day.


Naresh said...

Happens, brother! :)
n yaa, flng dumb, it is essential to feel dumb so as to realise our own mettle when we r any good :D

Anonymous said...

nice post dude..Welcome to my world macha!!!
and bout the quiz winning streak, thts all crap yaar!!btw how didya get to know da??
Hows the feline adventure prep goin??tc keep in touch mama