Saturday, July 07, 2007

I love these Miyans

Hyderabad is not the most happening of places. True, if you have not stayed long enough to visit the "gallia" in the "scootera" here. Most people take the pubs , the restaurants ,the of hangouts and the likes as a measure of the greatness-quotient of a city. If you are looking for these in Hyderabad let me tell you , you might end up dissapointed. But the real Hyderabad is here, on the streets . Yes, the streets of Old city, Charminar, Monda Market and Sultan Bazar to name a few. I know i am digressing but talking of Sultan Bazar, it probably boasts of the highest density of female lingerie shops in the world including that country Amsterdam. No, Amsterdam is a city i am told . So it must be Czechoslovakia. So Sultan Bazar it is, the place to wait for your long-lost-school-time love. Coming back to the streets, by streets i mean the commoners like you , me and the scooter mechanic that make up these streets. I call them the "miyans": Hyderabadi by heart. These people are the soul of this city.These are the same people who help you park your car in the most crowded of streets . They are also the ones always ready to "gusad a bumboo" if you called Chiranjeevi or Salman Khan names.The "selectively take it peaceful" types.They do not think too much about what people think about them whick makes them what they are. Complete fun machines.I recently happened to meet one of them. A guy who worked in a small PC repair shop. My external hard disk was creating problems and i had to take it to their shop for repair. Our miyan was sitting outside fiddling with a CPU while singing "Partner partner. Love me baby. Chuck de phatte".
What followed was .

Me: Anna!!

Miyan: "Partner partner. Love me baby" happily involved in his work.

Me: Arey oo anna!!

Miyan: "Bolo Hero" with that energy and warmth the receptionist at the Marriot couldn't beat.

Me: Iska kuch problem horra.

Miyan : Aisa?? Bhaito thodi dher.

Me : Arey jaldi jaana hey yaaron. Lele.

Miyan: Kya hero tension lera tu . De idhar. Kya problem hain.

Me: Pata nahin. Detect nahi hora.

Miyan: Acha teekh hain. Saab ko dikhana padega. (Then came the moment)
Saab ye hard diks to dekho. Koyi problem hain.
(again looking at me):Poora Hyderabad main sabhi ke Hard Diksaa se problem hain boss. Poore karrab ho jaare. Pehle tho Kirrak chal rahe the. 24 hours. Abhi tho dho dho minute ko problem aara.

I just couldn't stop myself. I had to laugh out . And i did.

Miyan: Kya hua boss. Hasre tum.

Me: "Diksaa nahi anna. Diskaa bolte. Hard Disk." smiling.

Miyan: Arey kuch bhi anna. Hum school jaake English, 123 nahi seekhe anna. Sirf 143 aata humko.
Teekh hain. Kal aajana lene ke liye.

Me : "Teekh hain." still smiling.

Miyan: " Anna. ye try karo ek bar. ye" trying to touch his nose with his tongue. "Subah se nayi hora"

Me : " Arey! choD hero. Mere se nahi hota. Kal aata hu phir"

Miyan :" Ok kal aajana. Pakka teekh kar doonga aapka Diks ko"

It was a thoughtful way back home. "123 nahi seekhe anna. Sirf 143 aata humko" meant so much. His bonhomie meant so much. The last few hours of my life sure seemed more interesting than the rest of it. And i still was trying to touch my nose with my tongue as i got off my car.


a22yearold said...

felt good reading ur blog....reminded me of my days in hyderabad....people here in the US of A are also "nice" but that geniality always seems synthetic......

Deepu said...

haha..arey oo how did u forget irani chai..

yeah hydie isn't about hitec city and Imax.. it's about irani chai and the "Miyan" culture..kudos to you for capturing the senti so well in the post..

rashmi said...

gud one...

anunag said...

aweseome post maama..

Naresh said...

Cool post man... Sure Hyderabad shud b defined by these ppl, for this is whr v inherit the culture of Hyderabad from!

whr r u, of latE?!

PSR Chaitanya said...

Still in Hyderabad. Looks like Infy's not interested.I am enjoying this long break though.

@22year, Rashmi

Thank you for dropping in. Hop in often. [:)]


Thanks mates.

Rahul said...

softwhere hardwhere
antha maya

atsubbu said...

I can imagine the fun u this happened to me too many a times...keep posting such things dude..

puneet said...

mastu post maamaa..
btw, hyd mechanics are good vij he took 1 month for a similar repair :P

PSR Chaitanya said...


With you from London, this place is truly cosmopolitan now. :)

Thank you for those encouraging words.

sitaramaraju said...

haha, nice post..

nitesh said...

hye gud to c ur post after long break.......neways gud one.....nd want to know more abt old city......mere ko puchho...;)

PSR Chaitanya said...

@Sitaram, Nitesh

Thank You.
Visit Again. _/\_


chandu said...


WnG said...

Very nice post! I think you missed out the baigan ki baatan, that they keep saying. :)

Seriously nothing can beat the warmth and sincerity in greeting, that comes after spitting off a mouthful of paan, and a huge grin peeping between rust coloured teeth.

I miss Hyd! Keep posting! :)(bookmarked)

satish said...

nice post man...liked ur way of narration

Anonymous said...

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