Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Post No 34 : Mascot Launch

Karthik : He must be on the flight to Atlanta while am writing this. A Good friend , a better artist and an excellent human being whose notes helped us clear most of our courses at DA-IICT, gives me one more reason to thank him. This caricature of mine. Now, the problem with the word "Thank you" is, it's used too frivolously and frequently irrespective of the level of gratitude you want to express. So i tried finding another word to thank Karthik but looks like there's no better word. So here it goes Karthik . A big "THANK YOU".

And finally ..."Know more Nonsense" has it. Its mascot(s).

I haven't christened them yet but Boblichki has agreed to come up with a name. He was known for his "thunder thighs" , his Jumbo Thali and his ability to sit on the PC for 30 consecutive hours doing nothing productive. He owns the Hyderabad Community on orkut, so if you want any community to be added in the "related communities" feel free to scrap him. :P

Once again i thank Karthik, Rashmi and Boob-li for making this happen . And i especially want to thank these five regular readers of mine : Evv, Ree, Won, Auff, Yue. :)

P.S: This is the closest i could come to no-nonsense.


Naresh said...

he he rockin good, n well said abt the word Thank You...

waise, how abt PiSseR?! :P

Rahul said...

I = Eternal Bakra :p

Karthik rules :D

PSR Chaitanya said...

@ Naresh

Pisser eh? I'll take that anyday. :D

@ Boblichki

Stop your bakar. Find me a name. :P