Friday, November 16, 2007


Hello people, I have reached Hyderabad for the weekend. The journey was horrible. Firstly,the Bangalore traffic sucks. Its airport does even harder.And it can't get any worse if u reach the aerodrome after an hour and half in the rick and are you are informed your 55-minute-flight has been delayed by a couple of hours. I had no more than half a book to read and i knew it wouldn't make a good airport-reading. But i was stranded and had no choice. The book managed to keep me occupied for a hour and a half after which i gave up. This wasn't working. I had to pass time and i did the next half an hour by pee-ing twice and then trying seven different kinds of knots with my shoelace.

Finally, i boarded the flight only to know my aisle seat was occupied by an elderly man who wanted to exchange his seat with mine. So here i was sandwiched between a 30+ year old married woman and a 60 year old bigshot executive!! (No!! he wasn't a bigshot. He traveled low-cost after all). So here i was trying desperately to keep myself occupied and then it struck. What i came up with to keep myself occupied for the rest of the 30 odd minutes was i thought very interesting : Anagrams of my name.
(ALERT ALERT : Did you know "NEW STOP" "NEW POST" and "NEW SPOT" were anagrams???)


The first thing that came up was :

PAY CHINA STAR!!!! (Hey!! good going but those exclamatory marks were uncalled for. Anyways.)

PYAAR CAN SHIT!!!! (Pat pat!! good job man.)

HIS ARYAN PACT. (Now,that's some serious insight into the Indian history.)

HIS CAN YAP, RA!! (This is for the gults. "RA" meaning "Yo man!! Hey chikita komasthas!!!")

CHAT IS A RAP? : Y/N (I know it's meaningless but did you realise i managed to squeeze a question out of it. Guhahhahha!!!)

The rest of them were rather a result of the jittery landing than my intellectual prowess.


SAT AIR PANCHY* (* i don't know what it means)

PSRCHATIANAY (oh oh!!! i feel nauseated)


So before it gets absolutely meaningless, let me stop here and ask you try the same with your name or watever and post it in the comments. Also vote for the least worst anagram of mine. The best comment will get a free comment-response from my side.
So, go on ,unleash your imagination [:P] and let me close it with another one of mine : " RAT SHIT PAN !!! CYA!!! "

P.S: It's 2 AM here and due to some divine intervention i have changed my name to PSR CHAITTANYA. Hence the extra 'T' in the last anagram!!!


chandu said...

Why don't we find beautiful rather sexy dudette sitting beside?? Does it happen only in movies!

Btw your anagram idea helped me go through the most awful *any damn adjective can do* boring meetings I ever attended.

Mohan Chandra. and the anagrams would be


CAN HARM HONDA.[manohar's honda unicorn already arrived.. ;)]


MAHN HAD NO CAR.(According to Manohar mahn is a japanese name)

some more crap...

C D NAAN HARM.OH! [Read D as the]

Rahul said...

Anonymous said

how did you come with so many :o
funny one
psr chaitanya - ***** is racha :p
mohan chandra - had nano charm :p

kris said...

komasthas is a meaningful word.

Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)Comoestás? = "how are you?" (English)

PSR said...

Long time since i've been here!!!

mohan said...

post something.. am not talking abt comments.