Friday, June 27, 2008

Ambu and Deepu

Yesterday , close friend Deepu who works for and is the guy behind 'single handedly making sense of the behemoth of data ' to roll out the Indian B-school rankings called me up to do an article on 'The 10 best porn movies in recent times '. The helpful guy he was at college i couldn't say 'No' but i did.

'No! dood. Really out of sorts these days'
'Cool. Make sure you do it by sunday. Ok'
'Sorry hero! Just not possible'
'Bugger! Include that Shakila one we watched too'
'Hahaha!! The one we saw in our underpants??. But i can't do the article baap. Seriously'
'Ok. 450 words will do and don't tell anyone. By Sunday'
and he was gone.

I sat down to write something when i realised i needed to install Office on my PC. Every time i need to feel embarrassed i just have to deal with something remotely technical.I hate these software keys, pin codes, pan card numbers and the likes. What the heck!!! They are like 20 characters long .I don't understand the intention of people behind these cryptic keys. Do they think they will have to cater to 99 billion people that they have such long passwords?

So i call up my colleague in office, Ambu, who's really impressive when it comes to technology in general and cameras in particular. He absolutely adores photographs. By the most conservative of estimates, he's supposed to have clicked 4621 pics of his own. He's so obsessed that these days he puts his head into the laser printer every time he passes by it. I make it a point to pull him aside or distract him by performing some kind of booty-dance.

But Ambu is real smart , must tell you. He probably is the only one in the company who understands the term 'customer delight'. So much so that he insists upon writing 'India' after Bangalore in the mail signatures. He says it saves the client the pain of googling where Bangalore is. This in spite of one client complaining about Ambu , saying, Ambu walked like he realised he should have gone to the toilet before leaving for office.

Ambu was a great booze-mate but now that i quit boozing, i'll miss the fun. What i miss about alcohol the most is what i do after 6 pints of Budweiser. Booty-dancing and snake-dancing to 'Kaho na pyaar hai'!!!

Enough said about Ambu and Deepu. Now i need to go compose that article.But before i go and before you think am a technical illiterate let me leave you with some trivia.

Technically a R-L-C circuit which looks like the image below, if i remember correctly works as a and pass filter.But the image below has more to it than just a filter. Counter strike buffs might have "sprayed" something similar while gaming. Connect the image to something that turns up repeatedly in popular culture, in many different contexts.

Answer : "Kilroy was here"
To know more : "Wikipedia" , "Legends"


chandu said...

Quitting Alcohol!! You too?
Please Guys,
Quit Quitting!
Deepu already 'Quit' Alcohol in one sense. He is having beer often not even considering his 'huge' physique!

Sushma said...

u r really good. Both humour nd trivia. Bangalore??
number?? ;)

PSR Chaitanya said...

Yeah. I probably am the last one to quit. But am always game for our snake-dance.

:O!! U ask for my num? Strange !! :P :D
I am not a good man u see !!!

Deepu said...

@psr -

saaala u deserve a bashing when i come to bangy.

after reading this what will the world think abt a gentlemen like me ? :D


@chandu - :P . from never ever boozing till graduation to this stage in 1 year. quite an improvement :D

PSR Chaitanya said...