Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's been long. So read it !!!

I had been to Tiruchurapalli, for the weekend. In the kind of heat that seems to want to burn people alive, Trichy is one of the most dispiriting places at this time of the year. But i decided to go there atleast get rid of the horrible Bangalore traffic which makes commuting take so long that people these days reach office by lunch time, grab some free coffee, discuss the in-house married-beauty and immediately return to their homes. The other day i overheard a conversation about how a guy parked his bike in a traffic dreadlock , groomed himself , had a fag while others stared at him picking their noses and waiting for the traffic to ease.

On the contrary, traffic in "Tiruchy" was much peaceful and our driver extremely cheerful. If congeniality is an art ,the guy holds a masters degree. He apparently understood everything we spoke and responded to everything we asked.
I: Howcome there's no AC in your car?
He: Aan, tiruchy. (Smiling)
I acted as if he got that right. I had to reciprocate the congeniality . Didn't I? Then i was back discussing with others why chelsea clinton looked so ugly. Mr.Friendly started laughing again. I asked him
"Hey ! Why you laughing" .
He responded with
"Aan , Tiruchy ".
"Tiruchy" meant everything to him, literally !!!
I: Sreesanth is bloody f****r. Isn't he ?
He: Aan Tiruchy. Definitely (sounding extremely confident)

Not only that, his perpetual nodding came loaded with craft, with an eye to convince anyone and everyone with just one word: "Aan tiruchy " .

It was fun talking to him nevertheless. He drove well too. So when we got off i made it a point to ask him " Soober driving. Your name? ". He responded with, guess what ? "Hehehe. Tiruchy Basha". I smiled back and told myself Tiruchy basha probably was meant to say that one word "Tiruchy" hundred times.

So after that enjoyable ride and a couple of i-can't-walk-any-longer temple visits i had to return to Bangalore the monday morning. The flight like always was delayed and so i decided to take a day off from office when i got a call from my boss . If you allow me to digress here, my boss, last week asked me to suggest a nice gift for his wife on her b'day. Though I'm no seasoned hand in picking gifts, i did give my suggestion and he said he thought, his wife wouldn't be dreaming of a gaming mouse or a baseball bat for a birthday gift. And here's the same guy asking me to reach office and work for what he offered : a weekend massage in a Spa. He said " i'll pick you up and drop you from the spa". I politely refused the offer but still made it to the office so that i could compose this post and help myself with some hot-chocolate apart from doing some hardcore analytics* ofcourse. Now , let me go , grab some grub from the cafeteria . Time to leave office!!!

P.S: *Analytics for Dummies : Analytics is basically used to dissect a question that nobody asked into more mathematical questions so that we can use more analytics to apply on them.

P.P.S: I know it's been long since i've posted . I am actually running low on writing-creativity partly because i am busy writing little programs,boozing and being a fuck-up. But more posts will follow. :)


vijay said...

So one more trip to the God's own country. This blog brings back the memories of our Wayanard trip, at least our driver back then wasn't that monotonous. So how was the over all trip?..While I try to post on your blog I get a message saying "Blocked by Websense" which makes me wonder if at all they have sense. So, by using some sensible proxy I post here and to compound my misery one G**ju wala is blabbering on phone from past 15 minutes :) or :( I am confused :)

omkar said...

didnt know boss, u can write as blatant as u can comment ur manager !
and Mr Business Analyst, why not a post of the analytics you do in office, that ll make for an interesting read ;-)
i know the answer...."Aan , Tiruchy "