Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Surprise Surprise !!!

Just received an offer from a local Radio FM channel in Hyderabad to send in a script for a hour long not-so-prime-time English programme . The people at the FM company supposedly 'liked' the content on Know More Nonsense and think i can do a script for them along with an English play list i deemed appropriate . "We can actually take it on from there" it seems .

It feels great to get recognized but i am not so sure i can do justice to what is being demanded. I stay in Bangalore and hence the logistics get a little complex but i am planning to send in a draft sometime soon, just for the heck of it .

Have been totally disconnected the last couple of weeks and hence the update to let friends , foes and especially my manager know i actually am not sitting idle all day!

One more surprise has been the 99+ percentile in CAT this time. Though am not so keen on a Masters degree this year, am thankful to those who reminded me the day before to take the test. Thank You !!!


rashmi said...

ahaaa 99+ percentile?? sure a surprise :P

rashmi said...

and wat radio station is it? radio mirchi?? ;)

Anonymous said...

At the Taj Residency the other day. Saw. I. Impeccably dressed in formals. U.


Sushma said...
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Rahul said...

Phucko phucku. Feel terrible to not follow what friends are upto. Sooberu.