Sunday, February 18, 2007

CNBC and 30,000 INR.


P.S: Kk, a full length post will follow.


Deepu said...

grr.. too modest to declare ??

am writing a post on you today..

Fans of this gem of a blogger can visit tonight to know of his recent achievements.

PSR Chaitanya said...


mohan said...

Congrats :)

tell us when you are ready for the ritual ;)

Rahul said...

30000 means
3000 hours of internet usage in the webcafe near my house
6000 Small Diary Milks
1250 orders of Andha bhurji - Kaad rice
7500 glasses of soda outside the college
2000 glasses of badam milk in sukhsagar
382.166 underwears of VIP size 100

You have so many options with money. Sigh !

PSR Chaitanya said...

@ Mohan
Thank you .

@ Rahul
Hmmm.. but i have decided otherwise. [:)]


treat do
no excuses!