Thursday, March 22, 2007


First things first. If you ever thought there was anything real about World Cup Cricket, let me tell you a secret: There isn't. And if you ever thought there was anything real about my telling you that i had no time to blog , let me tell you another secret: I bluffed successfully. So after hajaar questions, a 'D' grade , five beaches and a couple of months i am blogging again.

I lived half my life traveling in the last two months. First it was NIT Surat , where we attended a couple of quizzes . The experience of traveling to NIT Surat was good except that i had to sit next to the toilet in the general compartment and look at the guy who was reading a photocopy of a newspaper. Weird!! Coming back to the quizzes we managed podium finishes in both the quizzes . Second and third in the two quizzes to be precise.
Next was TATA crucible about which i have flaunted enough. People have begun referring to me as " that ass who carries his winners' cheque to the bathroom". So i have decided not to talk about it.

Instead i'll finish this thing on quizzes with some interesting trivia:
Q) Which brand of condoms is banned in Russia?
A) "Put In" [:P]

Recent study showed that 100% of men are unhappy with the number of girls in their friends-list. Unfortunately, it was my study, and it consisted only of asking myself, but the point is these things compel you to go on a vacation to a place where you can find bikini-clad women , a lot of alcohol and briefs for twenty rupees. So we set out to goa. In the train it was great fun as usual with a couple of cute little girls in our cubicle singing :

Aa meena (clap clap clap) katta meena
singa song (clap clap clap) dance a dance (clap clap clap)
husha busha we all fall down (slap the boy in front)

or something like that. I used to sing that with my niece except that we mutually agreed there would be no slapping and stuff. So where were we? Yes, Goa. . Smirnoff, Bacardi, water sports and a United win followed and I lost some weight , colour and a wallet in the process. After what was a great vacation i had to give my BTech project presentation. As i expected ,got a 'D' . My first in a technical course. I should mention i have a very encouraging mentor. So encouraging that he would actually yell " C'mon PSR . C'mon .You can do it", when he wants you to smile for a photograph .

Then off to Bombay i went , i saw and had some great food at Leopold's cafe.

So those were the things that kept me busy these many days. That's it for the updates but until we meet again, let's not forget the lessons we've learned together:

1. Don't take anyone seriously when one says he has a secret to tell. In all probability will confess he didn't wear his underwear, like one of my friends did at Goa.
2. Do not buy your shorts for twenty bucks.
3. Never regret a bad grade. Just go blast that professor on his head. It must be very satisfying.
4. Make it a point to visit this blog every week from now on.


chandu said...

who is that person @goa ???

Grades are not going to effect us much now. though a 'D' for the first time is ok to brood over. :P

Deepu said...

@chandu - u take things written in posts too seriously.. :)

@psr - finally a post. after much coaxing.......

and considering what i told to chandu.. i won't believe u will be posting a new one every week..

PSR said...


1. Deepu [:P]

2. I might not every week but u can still visit this place each week. Invaluable gyaan u get.

Abhay said...

hmmph, the king's back (can hear trumpets from all directions :P)

wud want some tips on time and liquor mngmt in goa btw :D

this reader's only wish is tht he sees hajaar new posts on ur blog by the end of march ;)

PSR Chaitanya said...

Will try my very best :P

Priya said...

Did u find 400 bucks too trivial 2 mention in ur blog......[:D]

PSR Chaitanya said...

Not too trivial. Found it too embarrassing. [:P]

satish said...

lessons taught were good :P
will definitely visit every week :D
ur prof seems to be too good at encouraging :))

PSR Chaitanya said...

"will definitely visit every week"

Encouraging. [:P]