Friday, March 30, 2007

New Week. New post

It's time i started putting down things on a paper before i forget them. Every time i sit down to write something, the only thing i can recollect is that i had peed four minutes back. Nothing else. It's usually then that i sit down to blog. Early in the morning , fresh air and peaceful music. You get what i mean, right??

It's that time of the year when you are motivated to do nothing at all except to see Ireland play England in the Cricket world cup and hope you don't fall asleep like all the other spectators in the stadium. Probably cricket is the only game where spectators sleep and half the players are busy reading about Rakhi Sawant (Ohh! I absolutely love her) in the newspapers while the match is on.It's a nasty thing to say as a captain of the college cricket side but is it not the Indian team's fault ?? There you go people.That is where you are wrong .No, it's not the Indian team's mistake. I have great respect for them. What was their fault after all?? They rescued all the office-goers from reaching their offices late and in the process rescued these people from the desert of unemployment and delivered them to the promised land of working thus helping the nation keep-up it's productivity. So, let's appreciate their sacrifice and stand by them and their families in these trying times. I am standing by Zaheer's girlfriend . Yes! that Kisna girl. And you??

While you think that up ,let's discuss that Srilankan bowler who looks extremely weird and releases the ball at weird angles - Moohmelelo Malinga. No Lasith Malinga. What a bowler?? The Dennis Rodman of world cricket. The batsmen simply can't stand him, so much so that they
are willing to give away four wickets in four balls. By the way talking about Lasith , the largest read English daily on this planet - TOI had this to say about him on their front page which in general parlance is known as Page 3 .

"The paceman with the low-slung round-arm action, bleach-blond hair and eyebrow ring dismissed Shaun Pollock, Andrew hall, Jacques Kallis and Makhaya Ntini in an INCREDIBLE LANKAN VICTORY in the super eight match here."

Clearly their tag line must be- Times of India, we don't read it ourselves. And one more thing before i forget ; listen to A R Rehman's new English number "Pray for me, Brother". Though i personally feel the video sucks i am kind of liking the song. I am getting bored to death these days with the college administration deciding to block all instant messengers . They claim chatting eats up 30% of our free time which we could use to write softwares like Gtalk and Orkut like the employees at google do in their free time at office. What they do not realise is , it only makes us watch 30% more porn. Nothing much otherwise. I doubt that is what happens at google too. [:P].

So without wasting much of my 30% extra free time. I take leave. Bye. [:)]

P.S: Din proof read it. Don blame me for all those mistakes.


chandu said...

they even claim we eat up the bandwidth which they can use to watch 'porn'- might be!!

roflol @TOI.

PSR Chaitanya said...

This is supposed to be a reply. What a funky way to increase the comment count. [:P]

Abhay said...

remember , the last WC had a zimbabwean player named Moohmelelo Mbangwa =))

btw, did u hear abt the incident where manik L Das gave some IEEE papers to maitra to read, and this happened bcoz maitra had blocked a few edu sites coz they slowed the net down :D

ps: fundoo comment dude :P

Deepu said...

watching porn lost its charm...

at 22 we r ready for something more :)

Myndfcukd said...

net curbs at edu institutions is now a national issue. (refer cartoon on op-ed page, Friday's The Hindu.)

And I can see orkut obsession everywhere these days (refer enclosing emoticons in [])


PSR Chaitanya said...


Maitra as usual LOL.


What did the doctor tell you the day before: Only protected ***. [:P]


Long time bey , eh?? How did ur interviews go??

Rahul said...

TOI sucks. Added to the masala they now have too many typos and grammatical errors in the news these days. Wonder what the editors get paid for !

And don't talk about cricket grrrr. Though the average percentage in board exams is bound to go up as a result of their 'selfless sacrifice' ('helpless sacrifice' mebbe)

PSR Chaitanya said...

Bobli, did u realise?? First time u talked sense in ur entire life.[:P] Hehe...

anomit said...

"Moohmelelo Malinga"


After this, add another comment of yours


more ROFLs

PSR Chaitanya said...

Welcome Anomit and do keep visiting this place.

And yes!! this replying thing works.. [:)]

cardamom said...

comment++ ;

/* first timer here.. liked your style.. but there is ample scope for improvement..but that doesn't in any way undermine your way with the words..still for Non-Daiict readers like us, spice up your posts to make this place the destination to be..:)

-a blogger with 10k+ readers :)

PSR Chaitanya said...
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PSR Chaitanya said...

10K+ readers eh? So?