Saturday, September 08, 2007

" Ayyoyyo!!! " Version: 1.0.1

So, finally !! Reporting from Mysore. I didn't think i would blog again this early . Niether did i expect the corporate world to be so mean. When i say the corporate world, i mean " an IT firm in Mysore". 'IT' is ruled by this Druid-like cult that has two very strict beliefs . Only two.

1.Wear a tie to work
2. Code till it squeezes out every drop of blood in you and turns you into a lump of flesh***

Just when you think these are two simple rules , you realise IT firms also have these rules called 1.1 and 1.2 and the like. These stem from their habit of labelling everything with decimals (like version . These rules generally make no sense to us untill we recieve our first pay check. When you recieve 10k less, you 'll know how important rules 1.4 and 1.7 were.

It's been extremely difficult to adjust to this place. Days don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless like coding. Because i live in Mysore and work in this egg carton, browsing and flirting on the net is the only joy i have. The lectures are no good either. The instructor's analogies are beyond ugly :"Example, i am a function. I am the parent and that girl (pointing to one gud looking Pune-female) is my child. First i get executed and then my child gets executed later. So that is how a stack works" was one of his analogies. He sure must be executed first, i say.

Some people might say i sound a little too grumpy. I know getting a paycheck is great but getting a life - "Priceless". So much for my first week at the workplace. By the way i got a new number. I am now connected to Airtel-Jaasthi Coverage (Rombha Santosham). I am using my cellfone unlike before. So just incase you want to reach me you can take a right from Vontikoppal circle or call me at 9972963349. Am also on Gtalk till 10 in the morning and after 5 in the evening.

*** So they can ,without much effort, wrap that tie around and roll you down the slope at the entrance.
PS: I am not lying.
PS 2 : I really am not.


Abhay said...

yea man, those digits after the decimals make so much diffence :)

btw, i heard there's a lot of mass code-copying goin on, is it true? ;)

PSR Chaitanya said...

I am actually outsourcing all my code work. So i don really know [:P]

Rahul said...


Is there no rule that prevents you from divulging any inside information about your corporate world :p

and wtf is that executing. someone should just get up smile at the instructor and shoot himself right there just to tell him how bad it is. (if this whole thing is not fiction that is ;) )

my first paycheck gave me extreme happiness :D though not full time walaa. and it came with no hiccups too. so watch out. :)

the word verification tag below is wmenmkjy. wtf im not posting this im too lazy to fill that box. on second thoughts...

PSR Chaitanya said...

The instructor really said that, "promise"!!!! [:D]

chilkuri said...

wanna c u in tie......would be funny......:P

satish said...

seetha kashtalu seetha vi
peetha kashtalu peetha vi
(think u got y i wrote tht ;) )
boy o boy....its hard to digest the fact tht ur life fell off the daiict cliff to infy

keep the posts waiting ikkada :D

PSR Chaitanya said...

Yup!! Will send across a pic. U can then have a nice laugh.

Yeah!! i'll do my best to keep this blog alive. "Whatever it takes" :P

Naresh said...

mama... all things aside, do u know how to tie a double knot??? :P
asal ikkada chachhipotunnaa adi teleeka! :P

Canary said...

Why dont go check out the splendor of Mysore Plaza, seriously it is a sight worth watching :)

Adroit said...

wowww...tht was really nice...

something i cld really relate to..nd btw, i have been outsourcing all my code work too[:P]