Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Attention people : Admission Notice

It's done and is now official . I have instituted a new not-for-profit organisation named MASSES. I have had this idea for the past
two years and it is now i have realised it is the right time to make it official.

MASSES for Male, Available, Single, South-indian, EngineerS . We people at MASSES are the most selfless people on the face of the earth who have no girlfriends, do not know how it feels to date a girl, are unhopeful and have resigned .
MASSES will be an autonomous body of men working for the welfare of a deprived species called single-men. MASSES promises best placements to its members as all the employers believe Single-men work best as they do not have any life of their own and hence the employers are ready to pay rupees 25 per annum as bonus.(We are in the process of bargaining to make it 27)

Not every tom,dick and harry are eligible to join this great institution. You must be born with it. What is "it" still remains to be a question which we will address in our official meeting after u get admitted .

Firstly, you need to undergo this test in order to gain eligibilty for admission .

Follow the instructions strictly before attempting. Remember your future is at stake.

1)Take printout of this paper. if u cannot afford it i'm sure there are many single guys around who have already got it printed. So photocopy it.
2)Do not draw arbit shapes or show your frustation on this poor sheet of paper.
3) The star question is an elimination question. If you do not answer and undersign it you will be straight away rejected.
4)Only one option is correct

Q1) Fill in the missing letters- Pu_ _y , A_ _ hole.

a) ss, ss b) nt, nt

c) nn, nn d) ff, ff

Q2) What comes to your mind when someone says "36-26-36"

a) Length, breadth, b)36-26-36=-26.
height of cuboid.

c) Pamela Anderson d)Fermats last theorem.
or some supermodel .

Q3) Most romantic movie you have seen?

a)Titanic b)SMS

c)Cannibal d)My parents wont allow me to see them.

Q4)* If I=9, a=1 , m=13, n=14, o =15, t=20 , g =7, a =1, y=25.

Rewrite the sentence below decoding the numbers and sign below .

I hereby declare that - (9) (1)(13) (14)(15)(20) (7)(1)(25).


You would be selected only if u get all correct and if u think you got all right it's the time to celebrate. All ppl in college campuses, go do a celebration run screaming around your college ground and rest of them run around the nearest char-rasta. It will be both celebration and publicity..

This is just a notice . So no details .For further details contact:

PSR Chaitanya (16 years experience, being single)

P.S: Do not give blank calls to our office ,because we got sick trying them all our lives and somehow believe that they do not work. ever.


Deepu said...

yeyeye i am the first to comment.
Its an honour.

once again to psr - "Shine on you crazy diamond". (whistling)

chandu said...


27 isnt enough... try to make it 30!!

durga said...
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durga said...

hey y dont u apprach 'LASS'ES{:P}

puneet said...

entey just 16 years experience ani raasukunnavu
intaki nee age 16 ki taggindaa, 4 years nunchi nuvvu committed aa ??

chandu said...
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Rahul Bhaskar said...

abey puneet read the first post of the blog

Vivek said...

came across ur pro on orkut...an organisation tat all the masses in India wud crave for.lol..nice one dude...

Naresh said...

mama... nee kaallekkadunnayo choopichhe... dandam pettukovale!
iraga... Start a MASSES Comm in ORkut!
I ll join... :D

Vamsi said...

wah guru!! mast bola rey!!

Myndfcukd said...

me joining. I answer all questions correct. I couriered it to you.

d0pE said...

mama nannu jerchu koye ee maha udyamam lo..... aa naress gadu saale gadu... avadu anni vundi kooda yemi lenattu manalni yekkiristunnade..... vaadu mana ee maha yagnam lo cheeda purugu...

Inquilab Jindabaaaad!!!!

Rahul said...

The questions are too tough. Temper the level down pleaaseee.

Anonymous said...

arey i am ur chinnanati frnd kada so let me be in the MASSES wth out taking the test ra bhai.its too difficult to take raa.so plzzz let me in

Abhay said...

man, this test was tougher than one of Mathuria's pop quizzes man...my hands were shivering and shaking all along :P

Abhay said...

btw, lets approach LASSES as durga suggests.....apna number tabhi aayega ;)