Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mehta Towers, Street no ?, Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad -?.

Hi folks, it's been great week so far with no lectures and no labs . Hours of chatting ,movies,sports and a few hours of Quizzing.

Ah quizzing !. I have been doing a lot of quizzing in the recent past and especially this semester, which includes standing second in IMS quotient , seventh in TATA crucible apart from co-ordinating a couple of quizzes this Synapse.

I attended this quiz yesterday called the Brand equity corporate quiz which was supposed to be hosted by the very famous Derek o brein himself. We went to the open air venue , when the prelims had already started and to our surprise we found a lady hosting the prelims. It was a very drab prelims except for that one statement she made- "Hey audience! It is getting dark and the weather is beautiful .So we will have fun".People don't get excited. She only meant ,they could use the projector when it gets dark and so the finals could start with Derek o brein on stage.
On stage it looked more like a standup comedy show by Derek than a quiz. Derek could have easily given Sunil Pal a run for his money (with due respect to Derek). After a lot of ridiculous comedy , it was Torrent who pulled it off in the end.

Quizzing takes me back to 1994 when i as a school student started attending quizzes. Once we had this quiz by "Uncle pai" of Amar chitra katha fame, where all the participants had to forma queue and uncle pai asked them questions when they reached the stage . If u answer the question u join the queue again or else ur out. The final person standind wouls win the quiz.The queue used to be so very long that while one end was on stage in public gardens, Nampally , the tail was at Lakdi- ka- pool half a mile away.

Such used to be the interest in quizzing among us and especially me and Mallanna , my neighbour in our apartment, we were uncrowned galli quizzing champions.We used to have quizzes in our apartment with partipants from class1 to class 4 . We had mind boggling questions like : "How many floors does the adjacent apartment Jalladi Towers have? " . Then after a lot of thinking and passing we would come down to the right answer 5. The quiz master was generally some granny in the apartment and used to ask questions like "Why do you shout "kaaaaaaaate" when u cut a kite during pongal? " . "What is atthambaji and manja?" and what we meant when we called each other " jaaako" . Those questions were quite easy until one day he asked us ,the galli champions this question - "Which street do we live in? ". After lot of discussion we understood the question was about which galli we lived in .Galli champions actually did't know their own galli. What an embarrasment!! We answered "ramu uncle bakery galli" . No one could answer the question that day and finally the quiz master gave out the answer.Then i knew we lived at Mehta Towers,Ashok Nagar, Street No 9 , Hyderabad-500020.

This reminds me of one more question asked recently in one of the quizzes and the guy who answered gave a funky answer.
What's common to Alicia Silverstone and Silverstone F1 track in GB?
Answer came : Both have great curves.:).
Actually it had to do something with the silverstone family owning share in the circuit.

Quizzing is fun but here atleast in DAIICT people show no or rather very less interest in quizzing.Looks like we need another "Uncle Pai" or "Galli Granny " quiz here, to boost the partipation in the quizzes we conduct.


Rahul Bhaskar said...

psr the blogger :o ...u bet man, we need galli quizzes

chandu said...

lol... nice one. :)

start quizzing here in da-iict and i bet u hear many more answers like they both have great curves.. :d

everything goes along with the gaming here.. nothing can be done.

*talk abt being pessimist*

Naresh said...

Awesome post man!
People lack interest in many things here because of lack of motivation. We need a culture where people look out of their own books and their own selves and realise that they need to do many more things for their own good. There are many things, like quizzes, where we dont need formal organisation to hold them, still we lack interest in them. Thats because we quantify everything with returns, in form of grades and placements. This should change and the onus is on us to change it. You guys are good quizzers, go get hold of Dean and make some efforts to generate interest! Sidin gave you a headstart with HeadRush! Now its up to you to carry it all forward, and I am sure you can do it! All The Best!!!

Abhay said...

quizzing was so interesting in skool days baap.....lets get uncle pai to college.....wat say??

Rahul said...

i am from sudershan theatre opp galli :D u r frm second hand lift apartments

Anonymous said...

Mama... nuvvemi ante... ade... nuvvu chepte... "Uncle pai" endi... vaadi babu gooda vasthadu...

Abhi said...

Nice blog mama... U rape...

pavan said...

PSR blogging!!!! sidin beware...

Deepu said...

Ohhmy many of us like the quizzes in which participants try hard to give out most humorous and jovial of answers.... mama such quizzes are nice to attend but we never knew the quizzes u conduct in da-iict are soo jovial.

If ur talking about serious quizzes then forget it. My advice if u r seriously considering to promote quizzing culture in DA-IICT. Tell all that IIMs give preference to quizzers. i bet guyz will bang the doors of quiz club demanding mooooore quizzes :) . As naresh said nothing works in DA-IICT unless its connected with some sort of tangible benefit.

TMaYaD said...

I differ with Naresh and Deepu.
Go ahead with gulli quizzes. I believe high funda quizzes doesn't work here; People giveup expecting to be frustrated being loosers even before they try. Nothing can be more motivating than winning. Deepu being CATrapathi again linking it to IIMs. And we don't need tangible benefits: have you forgotten the trivia bot craze before it ran out of questions/had tough questions. You need more simple quizzes where anyone could be part and could have a (un)fair chance to win.

Just my two cents.

mithun said...

this is mithun..i am taking part in the ims quotient 2008. can u pls mail me the questions asked along with answers if u dont mind??