Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Out of Boredom.

So. Here i am without the usual month long break between posts. Why? The Joblessness before my first job. Guys suffer from this i-can't-sit-so-idle problem twice in their lives. Once before their first job and again after they retire. So what do guys do during these phases. In all probability they login to social networking sites and add anonymous profiles. The guys you see adding profiles like "Career forum- Center for CAT coaching" ( and i mean profiles here not communities) , are most likely waiting for their first job. I dare not go beyond this point because nowhere does anyone make fun of jobless guys. Not even on "Know More Nonsense". So we better take up something we are entitled to pass judgments on. Yes, i am talking gals here.

Gals are so much fun to shop around with. You go with them to shop, they pick up what they want and you come out. No,wait . Shopping isn't so simple with them. So we see that this is, in fact, not a good example, and we should just move on.

One thing they are really good at is multitasking. I wonder how could one watch "Kyun ki", say "wow" and hold the remote at the same time while we guys are busy challenging our manhood, trying to open the soft-drink bottle with our teeth and doing nothing else.When it comes to TV watching they hit the "male" on its head. "Close up Antakshari " when United is playing Liverpool at Anfield, "Mom Zone" when Sachin is on fire and such like.

They can get up and ask questions like "Are you emotionally balanced for a long term relationship" while you are busy figuring out how the vibrating condom works. Guys from Madhya Pradesh do not have such problems because they have banned anything that vibrates including the cellphone. That will get you rid of most of the problems i tell you.

But let's give them their due credit for this. They appreciate brainy people. Don't you know they prefer a Wipro employee with a good sense of humour to a bare-chested John Abraham? They infact prefer Prof. John Abraham who teaches astrophysics to the cut and chiseled John in Jism.

We could go on like this for hours but my point is ,after reading this post you must have realised there's a lesson there, that guys lie when they want to and when they have nothing to do.

Now for some real news and i am not making this up: Updates on "Know More Nonsense". I planned to launch a blog mascot sometime back . One of those fun things i wanted to do and I asked for some friends' help. Though i am waiting for some more of them to pour in, i thought i should publish this. Rashmi from Newyork, no New Jersey , no some "New" place in the US sent me this. A caricature of mine which she calls "Junglee macho" . Rashmi is doing her MS is Bio Medical Engineering and specializes in heart valves and other implants. [:P]. She's also known as the girl whose profile-pic once kicked ass. "Know More Nonsense" thanks her for the effort. [:)]

P.S for the Jobless: "Whether it's the best of times or the worst of times, it's the only time you've got" and remember our maha mantra " Were in; we're out; we're done!" and we are only talking effectiveness here.


rashmi said...

nice post and i think men love to lie all the time but they r absolutely horrible at it...

and i think u shd try the junglee look...
u look handsome in the junglee outfit.. hahahah

Rahul said...

The only difference when you get into your job will be that you'll be paid to site idle :D bench bench bench :p

PSR Chaitanya said...

@ Rashmi


@ Rahul

Good enough reason to join the gang. :)

Abhay said...

ever gone shopping with mom and the aunts gang :O jesus its horrible; seeing them take aeons to go thru millions of sarees to just pick that ONE piece.

the caricature is quite a piece, gr8 work rashmi.

and there is light at the end of the tunnel.heard tht infy may announce the j date within 10 days :)

Talloju said...

the caricature looks good..couldnt have been better:D
but wait, since i have started it already, you'll get it whether you like it or not

PSR Chaitanya said...

@ Abhay
I am not waiting for the joining date. This is bliss [:)]

and about the caricature ,her scrap book is a better place to compliment [:P]

@ karthik

No one can question your work hero. We passed out successfully because of it afterall.
You send in. It's going right in there, i tell you. [:)]

satish said...

Nice post and nice caricature :P

AnunaG said...


chandu said...

we sleep when we want to.

its dream come true if its like "we join when we want to" (frustration)

PSR Chaitanya said...

@ Satish, Anunag

Thank u
Thank u

@ Mohan

Wake up. Keep your eyes open. Like Abhay said there's light at the end of the tunnel.